• Screenshot of Mercury hole


    Mini-golf courses in exotic
    locales throughout the Solar System: planets, moons, comets, and more. Three courses -- 54 holes in all!

  • Screenshot of Io hole


    Golfing challenges featuring planetary gravity, the forces of nature, astronomical and geological phenomena, and historic space missions.

  • Screenshot of Saturn rings hole


    3D planetary landscapes,
    based on the latest scientific

Frequenty asked questions

Why Would You Make This Game?

So the future didn't turn out quite how Werner von Braun and Chesley Bonestell predicted. We've got iPhones and the Internet instead of interplanetary travel. And we have gotten a glimpse of what the planets and moons of the Solar System look like. At least they can't take mini golf away from us. We've brought all that together in this game: a taste of the way the future was supposed to be.

What's Accurate?

The planetscapes are based on current knowledge, with an occasional dash of artistic license (but of course the truth may turn out stranger than fiction). Gravity is accurate, though stronger than it should be on the very smallest bodies, to keep the ball from floating away.

What's Not Accurate?

The rocketship ignores the laws of physics. Speed and fuel efficiency are unrealistic. Solar System distances are compressed. Golfing on Venus may be hazardous to your health.

Why That Music?

Bossa nova and the Space Age go together like liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Add a touch of theremin and you're practically in space already! Of course, a mini golf tour of the Solar System isn't all sway and syncopation. Space flight has its perils. For those journeys, the music comes from authentic 1950s B-movie soundtracks by William Loose & John Seely.

Who's Responsible?

Game concept, design, and production: David T. Schaller Unity programming: Justin Sawchuck, Tommi Horttana and Pete Moretta:
Graphic Design: Duncan Bell
3D Astronaut Character: Steve Adamson

Music by: Mat Andasun, Tim Buzza, Roberto Briot, Michael Craig, Dave James,
Kevin MacLeod, Olive Musique, and William Loose & John Seely.

Beta testers: Susan Nagel, Geo Schaller, Steve Adamson, Steven Allison-Bunnell, Kyle Blakeborough,
Susan Edwards, Joan Freese, Augie Gutzmer, Bruce Schaller